Chow-Chows seit 1970

AAThe AA-Litter (01.03.2021)
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ZThe Z-Litter
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XThe Y-Litter
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XThe X-Litter
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WThe W-Litter
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VThe V-LITTER (19.04.2006)
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UThe U-LITTER (19.04.2006)
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TThe T-LITTER (25.05.2005)
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SThe S-LITTER (03.07.2004)
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RThe R-LITTER (07.02.2004)
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QThe Q-LITTER (05.05.2002)
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In our small hobby-kennel we plan about one litter per year.

Once the puppies have arrived, it's the mother-bitch who determines the daily routines and everything is set according to her needs.
Beauty with her Litter
As soon as the little ones have grown somewhat, they start exploring the world and keep us all busy. Those are the best weeks of each year !

In our Family Album you can enjoy their development together with us!

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